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"I began my journey with therapy in hopes it would help me with my daily living, often distancing myself from others and had a hard time communicating my wants/needs. I was very skittish and timid when it came to expressing my feelings and hearing things that reminded me of my past (although I did not realize that was the reason I overreacted to minor things).

I was having the same disagreements and arguments with my boyfriend. I trusted him in my heart fully but my mind was contradicting my feelings and no matter how much I tried to remind myself the reassurance he gave me it did not help and nearly costed my relationship from worked up over little things that did not deserve the kind of reaction I gave. I began to see a therapist, and dbt group. Therapy has helped me immensely, I feel the 110 pound anchor my mind had dangling over my heart is lighter. Just talking about things I never allowed myself to heal from and accepting the parts that helped me cope. 

I no longer feel I am in a constant battle with my mind and hear. I no longer feel I am constantly unable to breathe and drowning. I have had less nightmares and my triggers of loud noises has not startled me as often as it used to. I feel a lot more centered. I gained my self-confidence I lost and have closer relationship with friends and my sister after talking and opening up a little more. All my coworkers are more talkative with me just by my presence I place out; as before I tried to remain unseen and hidden. My boyfriend and I have become a lot closer emotionally. My communication skills I have earned; he picked up on it and has been trying himself.  I am not afraid to ask for things due to rejection which has made me feel less pent up. My boyfriendf has a better understanding where I am coming from and has become patient once again like he was when we first went out. Our open communication has become a lot better and I feel more at peace with myself. I like my physical appearance a lot more, which I never thought possible from when I started."

- Anya M.


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